Cost Sharing

Why we ask you to cost share. 

• Certain Lighthouse services are funded partially by grants, and these grants require that we ask clients to share in the cost of providing this service. 

• Your contribution helps cover the various direct costs as well as the indirect costs associated with providing these services. 

Cost Share Recommendations. 

• Our suggested cost share is determined from sliding fee scales based on your reported monthly income relative to poverty level. 

• These are guidelines only. It is up to each client to determine what makes sense in their own situation. In cases of hardship, the cost can be waived entirely. 

• We will work with you to ensure you receive the services you need in order to remain safe and independent in your home and live a vital life. 


Sliding Fee Scale - Based on monthly income.

Household of 1    

Household of 2   

Hourly Services      Device Cost
 Under $1,133


Under $1,526


 Contribution  Contribution
$1,134-$1,699  $1,527-$2,289   $10/hr.  10% of cost
$1,700-$2,265 $2,290-$3,052   $25/hr.  25%of cost
$2,266-$2,831 $3,053-$3,815  $50/hr.  50% of cost
Above $2,832 Above $3,816   $100/hr.  100% of   cost