How does someone register for services from the Lighthouse?

Individuals and/or family members can contact the Lighthouse directly.  Doctors or social service agencies may also make a referral.

 What are the eligibility requirements?

The lighthouse serves persons of all ages challenged by disabilities, vision loss and aging.  Contact us for program specific eligibility criteria.  

 Does the Lighthouse sell assistive devices for the blind/visually impaired?

The Lighthouse Store features a variety of household aids and devices which can make tasks of daily living much easier.  Examples include, talking watches, cooking aids, labeling aids, large print calendars, magnifiers and white canes.  Please contact us to obtain the process for buying and pricing.

 I don’t live in Minnesota or Wisconsin; can I still receive services?

Our service area includes Minnesota and NW Wisconsin.  If you live out of state and would like to come to our location for intensive center-based adjustment to blindness training, please email info@lcfvl.org.  

 A friend recommended a device but I just don’t know if it’s the right thing for me. Can you help me decide?

Yes, the Lighthouse Assistive Technology program will work with you to make sure that a device is right for you before it is purchased.  Such things as Smart Home, tablets, smartphones and electronic magnifiers can all be demoed or set up for a short-term loan.

 Can I get a guide dog through the Lighthouse?

We do not provide trained guide dogs.  We do have Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialists who will visit with you about the process of getting a guide dog.

 My family member has passed away leaving all kinds of devices for low vision, can I just drop them off?

Actually, we would prefer that you call and let us know what items you have so we can assess whether or not they are items we can use in our lending library.

 Do you provide services for children and youth?

The Lighthouse does provide services for children and youth, usually done in collaboration with other organizations and local school districts.  The Lighthouse also offers a Youth Transition Program open to youth 14 to 21 years of age who have visual impairment or blindness and are still in school.  The program enrolls youth and young adults from across the state of Minnesota.

 I am not totally blind; can you still help me?

We are happy to serve as a resource to anyone who has low vision or is considered legally blind.  Our highly qualified staff will be happy to assist with any questions regarding any type of vision impairment, disability or those who are aging.

 I don’t have much income, but I still need your services. Can you still help me?

The Lighthouse provides the majority of their services at little or no cost to individuals.  Cost sharing, which is voluntary, may be asked.  Insurance can be billed for some services and we always accept donations.  

 Is there someone for me to talk to since I have lost my vision?

Adjusting to blindness is a process.  The Lighthouse does offer a monthly support group and a 1:1 mentoring program.  For more details, just contact us.

 What type of classes/training will you provide to help me be more independent?

The Lighthouse teaches independent living skills such as cooking and home management.  We also teach braille, orientation & mobility, and technology skills.  Please refer to our Program Services page for more information.

 Do you perform eye exams and/or sell eyeglasses?

The Lighthouse does not do eye exams or sell eyeglasses.

 Is the Lighthouse Center for Vital Living associated with other Lighthouse’s?

No. The Lighthouse Center for Vital Living is an autonomous, private nonprofit agency.  The word “Lighthouse” is used by many organizations as it is synonymous with services for persons who are blind or visually impaired.