Linda Success Story
Woman standing by tree with a wheelchair and shower chair

Linda: Coming Home After Surgery

Technology services we provide can be “low tech” or “high tech” but both can be equally powerful.  Below we provide examples of each.

Linda was able to rehabilitate safely at home after surgery, rather than in medical center, due to Lighthouse Tech for Healthy Aging services.  This kept her happier and safer from Covid-19 exposure by avoiding a hospital or rehab facility stay.  In advance of her surgery, an occupational therapist worked with Linda in her home, assessed what her needs would be post-surgery, and provided her with device loans as well as training.  Devices loaned included a shower chair, manual wheel chair, raised toilet seat, a platform walker, a “reacher,” a dressing stick, and a portable ramp for getting in and out of her home in her wheelchair.

Lighthouse services even helped Linda stay socially connected, as they allowed her to continue her COVID-19 practice of visiting with her neighbor outside – which had been an important practice for both her and her neighbor. The Lighthouse occupational therapist saw Linda in her home after the surgery multiple times to ensure she was able to use the equipment properly and that she was recovering safely.