Lighthouse Technology Instruction

Lighthouse professionals teach older adults and people with disabilities to use both mainstream and assistive technology. Technology instruction is essential because it is usually not enough just to get a device into someone’s hands. At the Lighthouse, we work to empower people and their family members to use that technology easily and effectively.


Technology instruction is often part of the services we provide, but it can also be a stand-alone service, separate from any other program. Lighthouse technology instruction is offered both in group formats and 1:1.


If you are interested in Lighthouse technology instruction, it is best to call us to discuss what you are looking for. That way, we can try to find the best possible match of programming for you.  Contact executive director Mary Junnila at 218-624-4828 x1004 or or submit one of the referral forms listed at the bottom of the page.


Lighthouse Technology Instruction Possibilities May Include: 


  • Group presentations (remotely or onsite) that teach professionals and/or potential clients about what is possible with different aspects of technology and/or specific technology skills. Topics might include smartphones, computers, or Smart Home applications.


  • Computer classes for older adults. Currently, we are offering the Legacy Computer class to older adult workers living in or near Duluth.


  • Tech for Healthy Aging services for older adults in MN whose independence is challenged by aging or disability. Services may include device loans or purchase, temporary internet service if needed and technology training


  • Services to reducing social isolation through broadband.  This effort is designed to help older adults get set up with high-quality internet and use it in ways that minimize their social isolation. It is available especially to older adults living in rural areas of Minnesota’s Arrowhead region. Technology instruction will be included, as needed. 


  • “Safe and Connected” technology training or device loans.  If your technology need relates in any way to the COVID-19 pandemic, and you a person with a disability living anywhere in MN, our “Safe and Connected” project can fund a device loan, internet service and technology training. Covid-19 related needs could include isolation, needing to work or study from home, losing a job and needing to find a new one, or a wide variety of other factors. 


  • Device demos and loans -- available free of charge for any MN resident with a disability. (smartphones, tablets, computers, smart home, daily living aids and much more) Some technology training is always offered along with any device loan. 


  • Technology instruction for people with vision loss.  If you are someone with a vision loss, our “Adjustment to Blindness” professionals or our occupational therapists can assess your technology needs, demonstrate different devices and train you to use technology best-suited to your needs.  We often teach both mainstream and assistive technology to clients with vision loss, and we often work in collaboration with MN State Services for the Bind to help clients access SSB’s technology services and/or to ask SSB to consider funding our technology instruction.


  • Lighthouse instruction is available on a wide variety of adaptive technologies, including magnification software, voice output, and/or refreshable Braille devices. Training may also focus on the adaptive features of Apple or Android products.  You can learn to read books, listen to music, watch movies, take notes, edit documents, and even print from these devices using their built-in applications: VoiceOver, Zoom or Voice Access.



If you or someone you know would benefit from any of the above listed services, please complete one of the referral forms on our Tech Referral page:

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